My husband would say that our story really begins when our son fell in love with a small, blue truck with big tires that he found at a children's consignment sale.

Our son played with that little blue truck to the exclusion of almost every other toy that he had. He played with it every day for months, and it was his favorite toy for over a year.

At first glance the little blue truck was the opposite of what we normally looked for in a toy. It was a pure plastic, battery-eating, noise-making machine, just waiting to break.  But because we were buying it used at a consignment sale, it was only $5 instead of the $50 it would have been brand new.  And because it was at a consignment sale, we knew that all of the buttons and noises, etc. were working.  For that low of a price, it was worth the risk that our son might only play with it for a week and then never look at it again.

As it turned out, it was one of the best purchases that we have ever made.  Our son played with that truck for hundreds upon hundreds of hours.  He loved that truck, and we fell in love with it also.  

And that is one of the things that we hope to bring to you and the Ridgecrest community: a place where you can buy fun things for your growing family with low risk and the chance of high rewards.

The Little Blue Truck

Ridgecrest's Original Baby & Kid Consignment Sale Event


2021 TBD


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