​This does not apply to Consignors using the Traditional service.

(see Traditional vs Valet Consigning for an explanation of the differences)

​Please note that we have limited the number of valet consignors to 10 for each sale.  We have also limited the number of clothing items that each valet consignor can consign to 25 (a set, such as a shirt and pants in the same size, can count as one piece).

Ridgecrest's Original Baby & Kid Consignment Sale Event


Fall 2020 dates TBD


Location TBD

Register to be a Valet consignor
HERE.  You will need to email us your password, so choose something with that in mind, such as your first initial and last name (ex: Jane Smith’s password would be jsmith).  The registration fee is $10 which helps cover the costs of insurance, store rental, advertising, etc.  This fee is nonrefundable and will be collected at drop-off Monday, TBD.  If you don't make at least $20 on your sale, you will not have to pay the full $10 fee.  
(Please contact us for more information.)  We are only allowing 10 consignors at each sale, so register early and be sure to let us know you are choosing this option!

IMPORTANT: After you have registered, email us at and let us know that you are choosing the VALET consigning option.

Take a look at our
List of Accepted Items to help you determine what you can consign.  Gather all your clothing items together, and on a bright, sunny day (preferably by a window), check each item over for stains, holes, missing buttons, faulty zippers and excessive fading or pilling.  REMEMBER, we only allow 25 pieces of clothing per consignor (a set, such as a shirt and pants, can count as one piece).  Check books for torn or marked pages.  Be sure all parts are with games and puzzles, etc.  (On a case-by-case basis, we may decide to allow an item to be sold that is not 100% functional.  We will price it accordingly and will attach an additional tag at the sale marking it as "Imperfect.")  Please be aware that we will be checking every item for functionality and recalls, and any item that does not meet the standards as listed above will not be sold, and will be set-aside to be donated at the end of the sale.  

Clean and wash your items.  It’s tempting to not iron your clothes, but items that are well presented have a greater chance of being sold.  Fix anything that is broken.  Double check that everything works (change batteries if needed).  

                    TIPS FOR CLEANING

                            Clothes - try OxiClean in the wash

                                           - combine 1 part Dawn (1 Tbs) with 2 parts each (2 Tbs) of hydrogen  

                                             peroxide & baking soda for a stain fighting “goo” that rivals any store-

                                             bought solutions. Apply to stains, let sit for 30 minutes to 2 hours then

                                             wash as usual.

                                          - apply lemon juice to a stain on a white area and leave it in the sun

​                            Toys     - try a Magic Eraser to take scuff marks off shoes or remove crayon and

                                            other marks from plastic toys

                            Corroded Batteries - throw the corroded battery away, but you dip a Q-tip into 

                                            a little baking soda dissolved in water to clean the corrosion off of the

                                            terminals.  A new battery may then be able to work.

Drop off your items at the Old Town Theatre between 10:00 am and 11:30 am or 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm on Monday, 14 September.  You do NOT need to schedule a drop-off appointment.  Those appointments are for Traditional consignors only.

Bunny Tail ReSale will do all the work for you: check for recalls, enter inventory, set the prices, and tag items.  

Register for volunteer shifts
HERE to earn free entry to the pre-sale and make more money on your items!

Consignors can get into our Thursday, 17 September pre-sale at 6:30 pm.  Those that VOLUNTEER for one shift get in even earlier, at 6:15 pm.  Those that volunteer for 2 shifts get in at 6:00 pm; 3 shifts get in at 5:45 pm; and 4 shifts get in the earliest at 5:30 pm.  Also, consignors can shop 30 minutes before the public at 9:30 am on Saturday, 19 September when many items will be marked 50% off.

All items will be discounted 50% off for the second day of the sale.  Any unsold items will be donated to a charity after the sale.

Sit back and wait for your check to arrive in the mail in 2-3 weeks!