Ridgecrest's Original Baby & Kid Consignment Sale Event


10 - 12 December 2020


Location TBD

Supplies we have for sale:

         - hangers

         - tagging guns

         - safety pins

         - cardstock

         - zip ties

         - packing tape


It is inevitable that “little hands” will handle the toys during the sale, so it is very important that you make sure you have secured your items and tags well!  Bunny Tail ReSale is not responsible for damage to any toy or other item once on the floor.  


Hangers - hang your clothes, coats, costumes, even blankets and bedding
Safety Pins and/or Tagging Gun - attach tags to clothing items, coats, costumes, blankets etc.
Zip Ties - tie shoes together, add extra item security by looping it through the item tag, combine toy parts.  
Packing Tape - Dollar Store is inexpensive and perfect for consignment applications: seal zip-top baggies shut, attach parts to toys, keep parts/pieces from coming open
Painter’s Tape - ideal for attaching tags to books or delicate items where you don’t want super sticky tape to damage your item
Zip-top Bags, Quart and Gallon sizes - good for keeping multiple pieces together
Giant Zip-top Bags - L, XL and XXL storage bags let you easily keep lots of pieces together in one place instead of multiple bags.  Use the sturdy handles to zip tie to a larger toy piece (like dolls and furniture attached to a dollhouse)
Plastic Wrap - secure puzzle pieces or book sets without potentially damaging them with tape
60-67 lb White Cardstock Paper - for printing tags


1. Follow the
Step-by-Step Guide for Traditional Consigning and the Guide for Entering Inventory.

2. To print tags, you will need to log into your MySaleManager account
HERE and choose "Work with Consigned Inventory" from the list on the left.

3. From the Consignor Item Entry screen you may choose to “Print All Tags” or “Print Selected Tags”.  You will need to have your pop-up blocker turned off.  Internet Explorer and Google Chrome work best.

               Print All Tags - creates a tag for every item in your inventory (6 per page).  Simply print

                                           as you normally would.
               Print Selected Tags - you will see all of your inventory in order by item number and you

                                           may select which items you wish to print.  This is helpful if you add

                                           inventory after printing all of your tags or if you have made a change to

                                           an item and need to print a new tag.  Once you have all the items selected

                                           that you would like to print, click on the “Print Selected Tags” button at

                                           the top of the page. 

4. Print all of your tags on 60-67 lb white cardstock paper.

              TIPS FOR TAGGING
                          - Don’t print too dark, (or on the High Quality setting) especially on an inkjet

                             printer, as this can affect the barcode and make it impossible to scan.
                          - If the edges of the barcode lines are not clean and straight, you might need to 

                             align your print cartridges.
                          - If the format of the tags in your browser is not quite right, try printing the tags in

                            .pdf format.

5. Cut out each tag.

6. Use a tagging gun, safety pins or tape (packing or painter’s) to affix tags to your items.      

- All clothes MUST BE on hangers. 

- Hang clothes with the hanger’s hook opening to the left.  It should look like a “?” or number “2”.  - Attach the tag on the right side of the garment (as you are looking at it). 

- Please attach the tag to the manufacturer’s tag in your clothes to reduce holes.  If there is no manufacturer’s tag, try to pin or tag into a seam as tagging guns especially can leave holes in the fabric. 

- Place a piece of packing tape over your safety pin to keep the tag from tearing off. 

- If using a tagging gun, use 2 barbs to attach each tag in case one tears off.
- Make sure your clothes/bedding STAY ON their hangers (safety pins, tape tabs, etc)
- Use painter’s tape or packing tape to keep pants & skirts from sliding around on the hanger by making tabs with the tape over the top of the hanger and attaching the pants/skirt with safety pins through the tabs.
- If using multiple hangers to hold pieces of a set together, zip-tie the hangers together so they don’t become separated.  Make a note on the barcode tag as to how many pieces there should be.
- Do NOT use staples or straight pins.  

- Secure the opening of bags with packing tape.
- Make sure items with multiple parts are securely taped and/or zip-tied together.  Use packing tape as regular/scotch tape doesn’t hold well.
- Attach bags of accessories securely to your item with zip-ties or packing tape.  Attach a handmade tag to the bag stating which item it belongs with in case it becomes separated, and also make a note on your barcode tag that it comes with a bag of accessories.
- If you have multiple large pieces or zip-top bags, it is a good idea to handwrite a second set of tags which state that each piece is one of a set.  Include a brief description of the item as well.

          Example: White child-sized table with 2 chairs - “(1 of 3) White table & 2 chairs” taped to the table,

                            “(2 of 3) White table & 2 chairs” & “3 of 3 White table & 2 chairs” taped to each of the chairs.

- Wrap puzzles in plastic wrap (wrap in both directions) to keep everything in order and secure.  - For extra security, add some packing tape over the plastic wrap on the back of the puzzle.

- To keep shoes from being separated, seal them in a zip-top bag or secure them with zip ties, pipe cleaners, or curling ribbon through laces, loops or buckles. 

- If the shoes are not in a bag, attach the tag to a shoe with a safety pin or tape the tag to the tail of the zip-tie or pipe cleaner.  Tags attached directly to the shoe with tape will probably come off. 
- Shoes not in bags will probably sell better, so avoid putting shoes in bags when at all possible.

- Use painter’s tape to attach tags to books or delicate items where you don’t want super sticky tape to damage your item

- The MOST IMPORTANT tip for tagging is to SECURE the tag well! 

               We will not be able to sell an item if the tag becomes separated and can not be found. 

               Also, we will not know who the item is being consigned by and it will be placed in a lost

               and found pile which consignors can look through at pick-up.  Any items not claimed

               after 4:00 pm on pick-up day will be donated to our charity.

- Place a piece of packing tape over your safety pin to keep the tag from tearing off.
- If using a tagging gun, use 2 barbs to attach each tag in case one tears off.
- DO NOT TAPE OVER BARCODES.  Tape interferes with the scanners at checkout, and you want your items as easy to buy as possible!
- Make sure all bags/boxes are TAPED SHUT with packing tape.
- Extra precaution, write your consignor #, item # and price on a piece of masking tape and place on your item.  We can use this to identify your item if the tag is lost.  DO NOT ATTACH A DUPLICATE BARCODE TAG.

- Do NOT cut the tail off of a zip tie to make it look “neater.”  It will leave a sharp plastic edge right where you or someone else will likely end up grabbing it.

- Combining items, when appropriate, can help your items sell.  For example, pair a dress with tights or gym shorts with a hoodie, combine a series of books together in a zip top bag, or combine a playhouse with a few accessories like furniture or dolls.

- Include any manuals or instructions you have with your items (or download and print them from the internet) by placing them in zip-top bags and zip-tieing or taping them to your items.

Loss, Theft & Damages
Unfortunately, theft and damages may happen to items during the sale.  Each consignor must sign an agreement stating that Bunny Tail ReSale is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of any item they have consigned.  Be assured that we will be taking every precaution to make sure that your items stay safe and secure before, during and after the sale.